Saturday, 23 January 2016

Orlando Day 11 - Magic Kingdom

I wanted to leave Magic Kingdom until the very last.
Maybe I didn't originally plan to publish it four months after my holiday but, oh well!
I just cant describe how amazing Magic Kingdom was, but I'll try. Firstly, the atmosphere is absolutely amazing! It's understandably VERY busy and full of children, of course! But even queueing is really nice, in my opinion. We took the ferry from the car parks over to the actual park, it was so pretty and exciting seeing the castle getting closer and closer. As I'm a HUGE Disney fan I definitely cried all the way round - last time we went in 2012 and it was a rainy day, but we deliberately waited for the "Florida Weather" to go this time and it made such a difference!
Coming around the corner and seeing Main Street was just the best feeling ever. The best thing for me was how much Matty enjoyed it - I expected him to be snarling all the way around but he was as excited as I was - he was so cute! 
So our favourite rides were definitely Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain.  I was really excited to go on Pirates of the Caribbean but it was shut down for maintenance. We were also really surprised at Peter Pans Flight. The queue was ridiculous, I think it took about 90 minutes, but it was a really cute little ride and as usual, the queue was adorable.
As I really got into meeting the characters too, we did a lot of that! My absolute favourite was Merida! She was just gorgeous and so so lovely! The fairytale hall was super busy and Matty actually made me (I'm not lying, seriously) wait for Anna and Elsa which took about an hour, there was a separate line for Cinderella and Rapunzel too so you can imagine how many years of my life I spend in that queue. It was nice meeting with the princesses and really nice to meet Elsa! I'm going to talk more about this when I make a video about my holiday (annoyingly waiting for a microphone). 
We watched the Dreams Come True show at the castle which I couldn't stop crying all the way through, it was literally the most magical thing I've ever seen. That and the parade. I literally couldn't stop crying all the way through it. I still love The Haunted Mansion and the restaurant literally next door sells the most AMAZING seafood mac and cheese in the world. Seriously, buy it twice!

Also I flirted with Gaston and I think I creeped him out, it was great.

We watched the sun set over the Haunted Mansion and went on a few last rides before watching the Light Parade and the fireworks. Again, so many tears!

My dad promised me he would buy me a candy apple this time around, from magic kingdom - it's all I asked for, and he did!

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