Sunday, 24 January 2016

My Favourite Snape Quotes

Alan Rickman 

So I'm still not over Alan Rickmans death. 
I've done my mourning, believe me. He was such an amazing, kind person - it's all so sad.
But watching him has always made me so so happy and usually makes me cry laughing cause I literally adore his voice. So, due to that fact I thought I'd make a little post of my favourite Snape quotes, most of them are because of how he says them and I can hear him in my head when I watch them. 

So, I couldn't exactly leave this one out, but I decided to put it first. 


This one gave me the perfect response to 99% of questions for a good few years.

The sassiest entrance to a room ever. 
The sassiest first character line spoken ever.
The sassiest character ever.
Seversass Snape. 

Okay, so when I was reading a book and hadn't been using a bookmark, page 394 was so imprinted in my head I must have read that page a million times before I realised it was just Snape putting ideas into my head and I hadn't even finished chapter two.

The best pause in film history.


Shots fired.

We love you Alan Rickman!


  1. Aw haha I love this post! I love watching HP and looking/appreciating more closely Alan's acting! He was just so great x


    1. Thank you! Still not over it! Haha xx

  2. Love this post! I can appreciate anyone who knows to appreciate the awesomeness that is Severus Snape! He's my favorite character from Harry Potter, I think, and I do LOVE Harry Potter. I was so saddened by Alan Rickman's passing. He truly was an inspiring actor, always great in everything he did. No one else could have brought justice to the character of Severus Snape. Following your blog for similar interests:)

    1. Aw great, still currently in mourning! Hahah xx