Thursday, 17 December 2015

University - Year One, Term One

Third Time Lucky!(?)
So I started university... again.

I've not had the best of luck with university over the past few years. The first time I was all set on going, left home and lived in Blackpool. The course I loved, it was really long and tiring but completely what you need for Musical Theatre. It really didn't suit me living away from home at all, if I had a bad day, I would go back to my room and sit and do work then sleep. I was too tired to socialise so didn't see anyone from my class outside of University hours, so if I had a bad day, I was coming home to literally nobody. Second time, because of leaving Blackpool mainly because of health problems which I won't bore anyone with right now, I started university in Liverpool where I was closer to home. Hated the course, wasn't what I wanted to do at all. More health problems, had to leave a few months in whether I liked it or not.

Thankfully, one of my college tutors was really lovely and advised I started where she was working. I absolutely loved college as a Musical Theatre course, so valued her opinion a lot. I've completed my first term (as of tomorrow) and I really really love it. I've already performed at Musical open mic nights a couple of times, been cast as Elle Woods and can already sing two of my "ambition songs" that I gave my singing teacher at the beginning of the term - I only had three I could think of. Next term we'll be starting a few different styles of dance, and I'll be performing as Wednesday Addams, Carrie White and Elle Woods.

(I did however think it would be a good idea to take French. Definitely not for me.)

I'm just really happy I've finally found something that I actually look forward to going to. It's so lovely to perform again as I'm studying, plus MT societies, plus work and it's definitely made me feel so much better in myself. I'm exactly where I want to be right now. Sleepy.. but I know everything is good so far!

Please stay like this, thank you.

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