Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Orlando Day 6 - Epcot

Every time we go to Epcot, it rains.

We still had a really good day despite the torrential rain. I started my character meetings and pin collection which was fun. I bought the parks Princess autograph book and a Princess lanyard for my pins which actually came in really handy for my phone as it's such an effort getting something out of a tiny bag when you're all packed up so if my phone goes in my bag I know I won't take any pictures. Also it's never a good idea to keep your phone in your pocket if you're in a theme park, unless its a zip.

We made sure we went on all of the rides first as there aren't many rides in Epcot. Test Track was closed for refurbishment last time we went and opened about three days after we left.. so annoying! But it was so worth the wait. Test Track is exactly what it sounds like, you are in a "car" while it's being tested and just zoom around an indoor testing area. It used to look just like a car park inside which was pretty cool but now they've made it all digital and it looks like you're inside a computer. It was a really good ride and definitely my favourite in Epcot. I wasn't completely bothered about designing the car before we went on the ride, but I understand they have to break up the queue.

Some other rides were Mission: Space which is a "spaceship" that spins you around in a non motion sickness way (although you shouldn't ride if you get this easily). But it increases your weight by 2.5 and gives you the feeling of a loss of gravity while you're on your "mission" and looking at a screen to show your journey to Mars. The Finding Nemo ride was so adorable, that's a bit like The Little Mermaid ride in Magic Kingdom.

The one thing I absolutely hated was the Ellen ride. I love Ellen to bits, I'd marry her if I could. But it's so outdated and fourty five minutes long which is mostly watching a film. I couldn't imagine a kid sitting through it and it was really boring. It's really nice that Epcot take the time to educate people on saving energy and other issues, but rides like the Ellen one really need updating and made a bit more exciting as I can't see many people taking anything particularly positive from it.

The rain came shortly after we had finished the rides which we expected! We used that time to try and catch some characters. I was desperate to meet Alice in England as I really want to be a "friend" of hers some time in the future as I meet the height requirements for her etc. I didn't get to meet Alice as understandably, they don't tend to come out because of the rain unless they have an alternate indoor spot to meet people at. Luckily, we stumbled across Christopher Robins bedroom and found where Winnie the Pooh and Tigger do their meet and greets. It was really cute to meet them and was so adorable that they came from the "Cast Only" door both holding umberellas. The "fur" characters like Tigger and Winnie are really funny to meet if you're an adult as they try to run off with you and kiss you and the people assisting them play along (Winnie the Pooh wanted to keep me) and it's just really cute and funny. Of course, they don't do or say anything like this in front of children, but it's lovely that they act differently around adults, even having barely any way of communicating.

I then met my first face characters which I was so excited about! We went to the Morocco part of Epcot which is so beautiful, even in the rain. We had to wait quite a bit to meet them, but it was really nice as I actually remember meeting Jasmine when I was about eight (I have a terrible memory). They were really nice to speak to and a bit weird for me at the same time as I'd never met a male face character before! Jasmines costume was so beautiful and it was really nice to see how much detail was in it up close. Plus they were really happy that I matched the carpet in their room, hahah!

(My leg was really swollen this day!)

After we had a look around everywhere and in all the amazing shops, there's probably about three shops in each section/country.. and there's a lot of those. There was an amazing Werthers Original shop with sold almost everything covered in the Wethers flavour and we didn't want to leave, it had the most amazing smell! The England part is always funny to go to, it sells things like HP sauce and Golden Wonder crisps, must be a hit there! There are gondolas in the Italy bit on the lake that is in the middle of the park which my Mum and Dad loved! It was raining so they weren't in use or anything, they just looked really pretty!

Something as a side note -Off Kilter weren't performing in "Canada" anymore! Obviously they had to move on sometime but just to say we really really loved them and "Run, run away" will forever be our Epcot song.

We had a Ponderosa all you can eat steak and buffet which I've written about before - AMAZING! Plus the manager "fixed us up" with an extra special hot chocolate he made himself which was so thoughtful of him!

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