Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Frozen's Princess Anna inspired makeup tutorial

I love to dress up, or "cosplay". Especially as the Disney Princesses! Who wouldn't? 
Frozen is still amazingly popular, with hundreds of kids (and adults) singing the songs non stop even a year and a half after its release. 

Elsa and Anna are so, so fun to dress as! I'm almost never Anna as I've been 90% Elsa since March 2014. As other people with a similar hobby to mine, there is nothing cuter than seeing a little ones face light up when you walk into a room as their favourite character. The questions they ask and things they say to you when they truly believe melt your heart. 

I believe that if you're going to be around kids dressed as these characters, you need to put quite a deal of effort in. A dress and a wig will not cut it for older children if you don't naturally bear any resemblance to the character. I'm no Disney Princess naturally, my Disney doppleganger is the Beast (after transformation, thank you) from the "genderbent Disney" pictures. 

(Obviously, if you're not doing it for kids, nothing matters, it's just a bit of fun.)

So, this is my routine for "Anna"...

Start with a clean, moisturised face and add a primer of your choice. 
I make sure I cleanse my face using a konjac sponge, although I use a face scrub of a night to make sure my makeup is off - nothing looks worse than dry skin under foundation! I tone and moisturise my skin using my everyday moisturiser. I use Maybelline New York Babyskin Instant Fatigue Blur to prime my skin to give me a smooth, even base and shrink any pores.

Add circle lenses!
I can't stress enough how much circle lenses make a difference to your overall look. I'm all for "natural" looking Princesses and there are a few people I've seen who pull this off. However, with the likes of Rapunzel, Elsa and Anna, they are so out of proportion because of the way they are animated. We've seen all the "Disney waistline" posts.. Facially, with those three it's the same case. I think I read somewhere that Rapunzel's eyes are a quarter of her face or something like that... Anyway! Circle lenses really give you that "animated" look, if you can wear them, I definitely would. If your eyes are naturally huge and fabulous, I'm very jealous. 

(You might also want to put your hair back!)

Apply a pale foundation, concealer and powder.
Anna is a ginger and has flawless, pale skin. There's not much getting around this one. I use Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NW10 and blend it into my skin with a foundation brush. I cover any blemishes and dark circles with the Kryolan TV Paint Stick in 1W. I use this concealer as it is stage makeup and stays in all day without smudging (I didn't use any concealer the day of these pictures, rare good skin day) then set all of my makeup with a fluffy brush and a loose translucent powder.  

With Anna being a readhead, she obviously has eyebrows to match. I'm no eyebrow expert. I literally don't touch my eyebrows on a normal day, I don't fill them in or anything although I probably should..  To make my brows ginger, I have an old mascara applicator that works for me (I would invest in proper equipment if I used it as myself) and I take a light brown eyeshadow and an orange (bear with me).
Taking the light brown, rub the applicator lightly into it and lightly brush over your eyebrows. Remember, less is more, you can always add! With the orange, take the teeniest bit on the applicator and dab it onto the very ends of your eyebrow. This will look ginger when it catches the light without looking like you've painted yourself.

Add little freckles using either eyeshadow or a contour kit.
For freckles, you'll need two or three brown shades of eyeshadow or something similar. I use a my Smashbox Contour Kit in Light to ensure there aren't any shimmery freckles going on. I take a earbud (or a q-tip, depending on where you're from), and a tiny liquid liner brush. You need brush the applicators in your chosen shades and dot them lightly over your nose and cheeks. There should be large and small freckles, don't press too hard! After you get the freckles you want, you need to take a fluffy brush and go over them with your translucent powder. For the freckles to look natural and not drawn, they need to be mostly faint with a collection of more obvious ones towards the centre. Don't skip the fluffy brush step! 

Take a light cream shimmery eyeshadow and dust it over your whole lid. In the inner corner of your eye, dust the smallest part of a matte white eyeshadow. This is a well known trick to instantly brighten up your eyes! With a liquid or gel eyeliner, (I use Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner) line the very top of your lashes as close to them as possible! Leave a tiny gap in the inner corner and start where your eyelashes naturally begin to get darker and thicker, this will make your eyes look round and cute! I usually use my Benefit They're Real! mascara on all of my lashes, then add some false lashes cut in half and places just on the outer half of your top lashes. This opens up your eyes again but isn't too full on!

Take a light pink gloss or balm, I either use Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me or Lancome Juicy Tube in Fraise. Lipstick always seems a bit too full on for this look, no matter how pale it is. To finish it all off, take a light pink blusher and dust the apples of your cheeks! 

That's it! 

Add a wig and a costume, don't forget your wig cap! 

This is how it usually looks with Laurie as Anna and myself as Elsa.

I've been most of the Princesses in the past year, and honestly LOVE figuring out makeup to go with it! I hope you gain something from this tutorial! If you'd like to see a more detailed tutorial in video form, let me know.

Which look would you like to see next?

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