Monday, 2 March 2015

Coconut Oil Hair Mask

I thought I'd write about something I do at least twice a week to keep my hair in good condition.

(I bleach my hair once every two weeks which I'm going to stop extremely soon as I have short layers that are breaking off constantly when wet due to all the bleaching!)

On hair that is already relatively healthy or if you need a deep condition from it getting a little too dry - coconut oil is the perfect option. It nourishes your hair back to health and when massaged into the scalp, it is also known to promote hair growth.

You will need: 

  • an old tshirt and towel
  • coconut oil (found in most haircare shops for around £4 for 500ml)
  • a tablespoon
  • a microwavable cup/container
  • a microwave
  • a showercap you don't mind getting greasy (optional)

  1. Put on your old shirt, make sure you have an area in a bedroom or bathroom with a towel laid down where you don't have to worry about spilling oil.
  2. Scoop three to five spoons of coconut oil into your container depending on the length of your hair and microwave for a minute.
  3. While your oil is cooling, brush out your hair and make sure there's no knots or tats, this will help the oil run through smoothly. 
  4. Section your hair down the middle, just half over each shoulder will help you evenly spread everything out.
  5. Dip your fingertips in the oil and starting at the ends, cover your hair in it. I like to use a lot of oil as my hair is really bad. 
  6. Continue this up the hair, you may wish to add more on particularly dry areas.
  7. Once you've covered your whole head, massage the oil into your scalp with the pads of your fingers (don't scratch, this can cause dandruff!) for a minimum of four minutes, this is the part that is said to help your hair grow as you are increasing the circulation in your scalp.
  8. When you've massaged enough, either let your sit as it is or put it up in a shower cap. Unfortunately, either way, you will get drips, so keep the towel handy to wipe it from your face and shoulders! 
  9. Leave the oil on for a minimum of an hour or as long as you like if you have nothing you need to wash it off for.
  10. When you wash it off, take a shower. It's a messy process and you'll definitely need it. 
  11. I shampoo once or twice depending on how much oil is left and condition as usual. I also take special care to properly wash my face, back, shoulders and chest as any oil drips left over as this can cause really bad breakouts.

Repeat this however often you feel you hair needs it. Personally, I would be lost without coconut oil as it really helps my hair grow quickly, keeps it from breaking off any more and actually feels so smooth and in amazing condition when it's dry.

I'd love to hear if this works for you! 

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